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Insert your ad is a community web portal, which gives professionals and individuals the possibility to advertise and insert ads related to Real Estate, Cars, Moto’s, Trucks, Boats, Services and Classifieds.
Our mission is to give Buyers, Sellers, Tenants, Landlords, Professionals Services Providers and in general the community, the possibility to reach each others.
Being neutral to the transaction, our objective is to give an easy and efficient tool to our community, in order to allow them:
  1. To insert their Ads in a way that features all the winning criteria to reach the potential interested person.
  2. To search, Select and View the ads matching their expectations.
  3. To use our various standards fact sheets when inserting an ad on
  4.  To benefit from a Mini-Site under gives also the opportunity for any economic player to advertise within the various pages that leads the surfer through the site. will reinforce the current success of internet usage in the Community.
We have indeed noticed a consequent growth of internet portals, internet magazines and publications during the last years followed by high infatuation and interest from the community to these solutions.
Within such environment, will be the meeting point, offering to all its members free of charge, a personal space to manage and store all their activities.
  1. Neutrality
  2. User friendly
  3. Gratuitousness (for individuals)
  4. Large spectrum of Products and Services
Thus, would be the journeyman for all our members and visitors in their day-to-day life.