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Breeder Pairs of Exotic Birds for sale

Umm Al Quwain > al salam city
We have many breeder pairs of parrots and other exotic birds, farms full of breeds, that’s within the UAE, and Sub-Sahara African and need to start selling these breeders birds to order farms,
Pair Afrin Grays ,
Pair Congo African Grays ,
Male umbrella Cockatoo ,
Pair palm cockatoos,
Young pair gallah cockatoos,
Pair Blue & Gold Maws, ( Female on eggs)
Pair Srlet Maws ( Female on eggs)
Pair Red Fronted Maws ,
Pair Green Wing Maws ,
Pair Hyacinth Maws ,( Female on eggs)
2DYH Amazons,
Pair Alexandrian Parakeets on eggs now ,
1 Sun conure on 3 feedings a day super friendly .
Most of these birds are proven, very tame and raised as pets . Shipping is available, perch, food dish, food sample, and water bottle. We want our birds affordable as possible during
their stay in their new homes so we provide all equipments when they leave us. /
Warning: Be careful!
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